5 Must Have Natural Beauty Products

I wanted to share with you my favorite beauty must haves, when I started this lifestyle I knew I wanted it to extend to more than just the food on my table, embracing natural beauty goes beyond the food you eat, it also is the products you use on your skin.

Nowadays it should be relatively easy not to rely on the chemical filled big brand names to stock your beauty bag with, oh and it also helps that they don’t break the bank 🙂 !

Starting with my all time favorite…

1 – Coconut Oil


Hair Conditioner, make up remover, body moisturizer are just some of the ways I use this! Not even mentioning the tub I have in my kitchen (Of course I have a separate one for each!)

2- Castor Oil

Everyone in the beauty business swears by this to thicken your eyelashes and eyebrows! As I would like to thicken both this is something I put on every morning before work. I also heard that this quickens the labor process when your pregnant? Talk about multi-functional :D!

3 – Organic Soaps


I gave up using body wash about a year ago and opted for a more natural soap for my body. My favorite are olive oil organic infused soaps from Lebanon and the Good soaps from Wholefoods,  which I was luckily enough to buy when I was in LA.

PS: The coconut one smells AMAZING especially followed by coconut oil moisturizer 😎

4 – Natural Deodorants

Did you know that crystal deodorant stones contain a naturally occurring aluminum which is effective at preventing odor rather than artificially clogging pores as antiperspirants do?  This is the brand I use, cost effective at less than $5 and can be found at most pharmacies, I buy mine from Boots.



5 – Water 

We can’t have a beauty list without Water, so I HAD to add it in here!  I try to get in about 8-10 cups of water a day though teas and just plain water.

Also found this fruit infused water bottle on sale on amazon – how cool is this?



What are your favorite natural beauty must haves?


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