5 Things That Happened When I Went Vegan..

1 –  New Found Love for Middle Eastern Cuisine


Yes I always loved middle eastern food, but when I was able to share so many dishes on meals out with family & friends it made me appreciate our vegan friendly cuisine SO much more ! My go to orders are hummus, tabboule, moutabal and batata harra to name a few!

2 – The Variety


I really did think it was going to be hard preparing my meals and eating out when I first started. So I started to pin all the vegan recipes I could find on Pinterest, one year later I have probably gone through just 20% of the recipes! The variety available is amazing,I could EASILY see myself eating a different vegan meal everyday for a year!

3 – Inspiring People

There are no vegans in my current circle of friends or family. So when I decided to start this lifestyle I knew the common reaction would be surprise, interest and in few disagreement. However the surprise came in a few messages where people said I have inspired them to eat more veggies or even consider a vegan diet!

4 – Animal Rights

giphy (1)

You are taught not to ask questions of where your food comes from because most of the time the truth is shocking. My main reason when I started this lifestyle was a health one but as you go along the way and as many vegans would agree, you start to care about the animals. Even to my meat eating husband/friends/family I say I am not asking you to be vegans but to start noticing where your meat and dairy come from and make more humane choices when it comes to your food.

5 – People started to notice my diet

I followed a paleo friendly diet for a long time before going vegan.When I did, not only did no one seem to notice my “low-carb” lifestyle but if they did, it was mostly met with friendly agreeing nods. Now when passed with a meaty dish I usually respond with a simple “No thank you” (PS Vegans: Do NOT answer with no I am a vegan, the shit storm it will cause is major) but if somehow it did come out that I was a vegan here are some of the most common questions and my simple answers

  • Q: Not even cheese? A: No
  • Q:What do you eat then? A: A variety of food
  • Q:What about protein? A: Legumes have protein
  • Q:I COULD NEVER stop eating cheese/meat. A: No one really asked you to

What did you notice when you switched to a vegan diet?


24 thoughts on “5 Things That Happened When I Went Vegan..

  1. Haha love “No one really asked you to” but. ! I’m not sure if I can be a complete vegan as yet but I’ve begun to cut down a few things from my diet and realized foods that don’t necessarily agree with me, such as red meat.

  2. As a reluctant meat eater, I really enjoyed reading this! Especially the “I could NEVER give up meat” scenario that I’ve seen happening all too often with my vegetarian friends. Usually get asked why im ordering veg food when I can eat meat (unfathomable since ofcourse meat is far superior *rolls eyes*).

  3. I get questioned so much about what I eat! I think a lot is driven by other people being self conscious about their rubbish diets and feeling (and knowing!) they aren’t doing themselves any favours. My answer is always that I only eat and drink what makes me happy, it’s nothing to do with anyone else, it’s just what I enjoy and what makes my body happy 🙂
    Good luck x

  4. Wonderful post! This is exactly what I noticed too when I became a vegan. Especially, the inspiring part. People often tell me they are trying to eat less meat or eggs because of me. What I would add to my personal list, is Support. I am the only vegan within a group of friends and family. But once I became a vegan, they really supported me. Before I go to a restaurant, everybody is having a look at the menu to see if there is anything I can eat. That was quite a nice surprise in the beginning 🙂

  5. People actually care about my diet. When I was eating meat, fast food and a lot of dairy products no one questioned what I put into my body. But now that I am (mainly) raw till 4, high carb, low fat vegan everyone (even people I don’t know very well) has a (mostly negetive) comment about my diet. But the same people who tell me what I’m doing isn’t “healthy” or is “too hard” are the same people who drink pop almost daily and have no problem eating at McDonalds almost every day.

  6. Since I was a vegetarian for 15 years before going vegan, people around were used to replace whatever they were eating with quorn. They complained!! I was happy – they were upset. We wouldnt be invited to dinners etc. My husband Even told me I had gone too far

    • I hope things have changed for you! I was recently in LA where it was the most NORMAL thing to be vegan! I think more and more people are getting used to the idea.. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)!

  7. Good article and I always get the same questions because I am in the same exact situation
    What changed?
    1- I work 16 hours a day but now I can wake up easily, energetic and radiant
    2- Gym has never been better as I still get two hours of pumping iron a day. More power. Bigger stiff muscles. Much better blood flow and bigger veins.
    3- Inspiration: whenever someone catches a cold at work and the magic of raw ginger I give them starts to dazzle them. They start asking for advice about a vegan lifestyle and how to cure diseases naturally and without pharmaceutical products.
    4- I haven’t taken a single medicinal pill since I became vegan. That’s 4 months now.
    5- Saving lives: Not just the fact that I am sparing the animals I am no longer eating. But, the fact that my friends suffering from cancer or know someone suffering from cancer, are asking me to help them find organic gluten free fruits and vegetables.

  8. I found your first point about Middle Eastern food really interesting as I often face a debacle in restaurants when asking if their hummus or moutabel etc contain dairy as although not vegan I am lactose intolerant and often they do contain it or staff aren’t sure so advise me not to eat it! I’ve even been saddened to discover one restaurant had added cream to their falafels! Is there any eateries you can recommend as I do love the cuisine!?

  9. Hello Rana!

    I love your food and your story 🙂 I also think your modified Lebanese recipes are fantastic and I will be trying them all. I am half Lebanese and half Belarus vegan and was so happy to find you online! I was not sure that there were Lebanese vegans.. lol
    I am also promoting compassionate and healthy lifestyle 🙂

    See you around!


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