10 Must Haves In My Kitchen

I heard this crazy stat once that you spend twice what you would have initially spent in the supermarket if you don’t have a list, that is crazy! I always go in with a list with the recipes I want to create but also let myself be inspired in the fruit and vegetable section.

However I always include my must haves in the shopping list so figured why not share them with you and more importantly why some of them are there

So here we go, my top 10 must haves vegan staples:

1 – Organic Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is one of the things I have recently discovered after I have taken interest in the Paleo diet lifestyle. Many people mistake the Paleo lifestyle for a low-carb  or a meaty diet but I see it as simply no junk diet/lifestyle. Coconut milk is one of the staples in a Paleo diet and can be used in desserts, soups and stews, the options are endless! Now that I have moved over to a vegan diet, this is still one of my favorite staples!

photo 1

2- Bananas

I have these everyday https://zaatarandquinoa.com/2013/12/05/5-ingredient-healthy-cookies/ and if I am not having these I am always making something else with bananas. They are so versatile and can be used to substitute butter or oil when baking. For  other healthy substitutes are out there check out my pin here  http://www.pinterest.com/pin/115404809174991397/ 

3- Cocoa Powder

I have a major sweet tooth, and my biggest weakness is good chocolate. This is why good cocoa powder is a must have, mix it up with some dates and almonds and you have yourself a super healthy chocolatey dessert.

4- Peanut Butter

Peanut butter on its own, I am not a big fan of but add to any baking and the result is peanut yumminess! I only buy 100% natural peanut butter so to reap the benefits stay away from the processed cheaper versions.

Here is the one  I make, so EASY AND YUMMY! https://zaatarandquinoa.com/2014/07/18/homemade-peanut-butter/  

photo 2

5- Oats

After fresh fruit, oats are my favorite all time brekky! Easy and can be made to so many flavors! My two favorites are banana bread oatmeal and my carrot cake oatmeal https://zaatarandquinoa.com/2015/04/10/carrot-cake-oatmeal/

6- Dates

Stop using sugar, start using dates. That was a order:) ! This can be used to sweeten up any recipe even Balsamic Reduction https://zaatarandquinoa.com/2013/12/30/date-infused-balsamic/ . PLUS (Yes there is more) the health benefits are endless they have even started to call this a super food (i:e something with a lot of health benefits)

We are lucky to have this in abundance in the gulf so lets make the best of it and start using it.

7- Popcorn

No this is not the microwaveable popcorn that is loaded in sodium and other chemicals. This is simple kernels popped the old fashioned way, use a little coconut oil and that is all you need. Oh and did I mention just under 100 calories for one cup of popcorn? Yes, I will wait while you go make popcorn before reading the rest of the list


To lead a low carb lifestyle which is the one I have adopted, you will still need healthy carbs to add into your diet whether it be lentils, nuts or quinoa. This can be used in sweet and savory recipes so always useful to have this superfood on hand.

photo 4

9-Organic vegetable stock

I use this in EVERYTHING! I have recently started buying the low sodium version as well, adds flavor to all your dishes!


10-Organic Coffee

This is an interesting one that I have recently adopted. In my last visit to the Organic food store, I went with the intention of seeing what is available to me and at what price. I was shocked by some of the prices and pleasantly surprised by others. I then decided to do a little more research and came across this list http://www.pinterest.com/pin/115404809175246221/ and  decided if this was a product I use everyday and there is a slight difference in price between the organic and the nonorganic I was going to buy the organic.

photo 3

Also did you know coffee growers that grow organic coffee aren’t exposed to the harsh chemicals and toxic pesticides that conventional coffee growers are. So it seemed like it was one of those times where organic made much more sense, health-wise, financially and even just on a human level

I would not say one diet can describe my eating habits, I  just take what I like from every diet and make it my own

So here you go my top 10 must haves, as you see the list is inspired by a vegetarian diet. What are some of your must haves?


One thought on “10 Must Haves In My Kitchen

  1. Hello,
    From your list:
    1) Quinoa
    2) Organic Eggs
    3)Almonds all days long
    4) Popcorn, i love it so much, is it 100 calories for 1 unpopped pop corn?
    5) Dates

    I eat more almond butter and i cannot live without honey, specially raw honey and Manuka honey.
    Organic Rocket and organic cucumber.
    Honey is a must for everyone!
    I try to eat as much organic as i can…

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