Panic – who will now cook for me?!

Hello and welcome to my blog!

This journey began about a year ago when I realized I will soon be moving out of my parents home and no one will be there cook for me! Now at 25 not only am I moving out of my family house a bit too late but on the cooking journey I was even more behind

Then it hit me.. it is never too late to learn,super cliche, yes but I thought I will give it a go

So no more Panic – I will now cook for me.This blog is about easy, healthy and yummy recipes


The only thing better than cooking and eating is talking about it so come along for the ride and hope you will enjoy this as much as I am


One thought on “Panic – who will now cook for me?!

  1. It’s Not just because I’m your friend but honestly, I’m super excited to try out some recipes you’ve posted. Think I’ll begin with Tomato soup. Can I request your version of pumpkin soup?

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